What can I expect in a massage?
Your therapist will explain to you to remove as much clothing as you are comfortable and to get on the table under the covers either face up or down, while the therapist steps out of the room. As your therapist works he/she will undrape the part of the body that is currently being worked and will recover you as they move to the next area.

If our therapists find a "knot" in your muscle they will work to release the knot. You should feel a "good pain" if it moves beyond that tell your therapist! Following a massage you may sometimes feel soreness as the muscles relax and move back to their natural state, again it should feel as if you had a good workout, if there is pain, please call us.

Drink lots of water that will help recovery from a massage.

Communication is very important during your massage, let the therapist know your preferences, also let your therapist know if the pressure is too much or too light. This time is about you and we want to make as relaxing as possible, so let us know how we are doing!

I have been sick/injured may I get a massage?
You will need to be fever free for 24 hours before receiving a massage. If your condition is the acute stage, (early infectious stage) a massage is not permitted - it can exacerbate your symptoms. Also try to keep our Therapists from being infected with your illness.

Car accidents - if you have been in a car accident within the last 72 hours, unless a Doctor has given you written permission to receive a massage, our therapist will not provide services, especially in the upper neck/back region.  Past the 72 hour time frame, our therapist in communication with you, will determine if massage will benefit you at this stage.

If you have any doubts or questions about receiving a massage due to injury or illness we will be happy to review your conditions and help make an informed decision, you may call 732-754-4475 or email massage@3hhhs.com.

How often should I get a massage?
Talk to your therapist. Some people like to receive massages occasionally and some people get massages every week. Your therapist can help create a plan that fits your needs.

What can I expect from a home call?
For a 60 minute massage you can expect the therapist to be at your location a minimum of 90 minutes. Your therapist will arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time for set up and breakdown for about about 15 minutes. They will need space to set up a 3ft x 6.5ft table and approximately 2-3 feet surrounding the table for moving. We ask that you provide a quiet location so you may get the most out of your experience. The therapist's will also need a place to wash their hands before and after the massage. After that we ask you to lay back, relax and let our therapist experienced hands knead you into relaxation.

Why can't I book online for a same-day massage?
If you would like a massage today please call 732-754-4475 for availability. 

What type of payment do you accept?
Payment is required in full at the beginning of your massage, payment will be accepted as cash, check or 

How does Groupon work?

All Groupon promotional pricing expires September 30, 2015. You will be responsible for the difference in price. Schedule a massage and bring your Groupon, either printed or on your phone, to your session for redeemption. The price paid for the voucher never expires. If you schedule a massage after the expiration you will be responsible for the price difference.  Sales tax will be collected at the time of your massage, $2.75 for a single groupon voucher, $7 for the 3 voucher. 

Is there sales tax on massages?

Yes, in NJ massage is considered a luxury (we KNOW it's for your health!). 3H prices includes sales tax.

Groupon Customers:

Sales tax is not included in your fee and WILL BE collected when you come in for your appointment.


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