We provide massage therapy and relaxation.
Modalities available:                          

Integrative Massage:

We tailor each massage to meet your body's needs during that session, combining different massage techniques, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial release, etc., to create a soothing and relaxing experience promoting optimum wellbeing.

60 minutes - $85;  3 massages $200, 6 massages $380, 12 massages $720
90 minutes - $105;  3 massages $255 
120 minutes - $125

Fertility Consultation & Massage:

The first session will be a combination of a consultation and massage. During the consultation, we will discuss your fertility protocol, and make suggestions as to how to increase your fertility. You will also learn self-massage techniques to use in between sessions. During your massage you will receive a relaxing castor oil pack applied to your abdominal area to promote cleansing and dissolving of adhesions in your pelvic area. There will be reflexology to stimulate reproductive organs & hormones and cranial sacral therapy to balance and center you. This protocol is different than any other massage protocol but developed to help promote your fertility. The massage may only be performed between the end of menstruation and ovulation - the consult & massage may take place on different days to fit into your cycle, the consult must be first and full payment will be required.

Prenatal Massage:

During your special time you deserve to pamper yourself and relieve the stress of pregnancy with a massage catered to your needs.
Great for expected dads too!

60 minutes sessions available $85 

Newborn massage:

Design to teach families how to massage their newborn. Newborn massage helps the baby sleep better; relive discomfort from teething, congestion, gas, colic and emotional stress and more. Families benefit from providing massage by developing, improved ability to read infant cues, deeper bonding with infant, and enhanced sense of love, respect and trust among family members. Call for classes

Therapeutic Massage:

This massage is a 45/60 minute massage that will focus on addressing specific conditions or ailments through manipulation of soft  tissue to positively affect health and well being. Our knowledgeable therapists will work the conditions using a variety of techniques. Some of the techniques used will require client participation. This modality is most effective in a series of sessions and the client will have homework to correct the condition.

Post Mastectomy Massage/Massage for Breast Cancer Survivors:

This service is designed for Breast Cancer Survivors that have had lumpectomy to a total mastectomy.  We understand the needs of a Survivor are very specific and individualized; we will work with each person to provide the best treatment for you.  Massage can help reduce scar tissue, boost your immune system, and reduce stress and anger. We want to provide you with a relaxing, healing massage to escape from the everyday. Please talk to our therapist before booking an appointment as there are a few times when massage is not recommended.

60 minute sessions $85

Massage for Survivors of Cancer:

Our therapists will tailor the sessions to your needs after treatment.  The gentle and healing touch will aid in relaxing, rejuvenating, and boosting your immune system. It is best to receive clearance from your doctor before starting any massage therapy. Please talk to our therapist before booking an appointment as there are a few times when massage is not recommended.

60 minute sessions $85


Reiki is an energy technique that will bring balance and light to you. It is an excellent alternative when massage is not recommended. Reiki involves gentle laying of the hands in a specific order to bring balance back into your system.


In home massage sessions are available after office hours. Please call 732-754-4475 online booking is not available for this service, sessions are $100 an hour and are available in 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions.
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Cancellation Policy: You must call 732-754-4475 24 hours prior to cancellation or you will be responsible for full payment.