Fertility Massage

March 14, 2013

Healthy Holistic Healing (3H), which specializes in holistic massage therapy, is offering a Fertility Massage Program that combines massage, self-massage and guidance to support fertility.


Infertility is a very private problem. After a heart wrenching diagnosis, it becomes an emotionally and financially draining process to overcome. Often people do not discuss their infertility issues with friends and family because of the fear of embarrassment.

3H will support and guide you through your journey towards conception. You will learn self-massaging techniques to perform at home, as well as receive in-depth massages targeting your reproductive and endocrine systems to bring your body back into balance. We also will help you create a wellness plan for you to assist you with knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your path to fertility.

Fertility massage is a perfect complement to conceiving naturally or when using reproductive technology.