Welcome to Healthy Healing Holistic, LLC
We at 3H are dedicated to improving the quality of life through touch. We believe that to be healthy we must reduce stress in our lives and come back to center.  The lives we lead to today are very wired, connected and busy. We want to help you unconnect and regroup.

3H focuses on women's health from fertility, prenatal, labor and postnatal massage through menopause, and managing chronic health conditions through reducing stress; fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, back pain, are a few that benefit from massage.  Massage therapy promotes well being through relaxation, relieving tension, and rejuvenating the body through various body working techniques.

Our goal is to reduce the world's stress one massage at a time. 


6 - 60 minute Intergrative or prenatal massage $380

12 - 60 minute Intergrative or prenatal massage $720

3 - 90 minute Intergrative Massage $255.


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Healthy Holistic Healing, LLC